I believe in investing in people!

I believe in investing in people!

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, was a pioneer in making vehicles affordable for American families.

To discern who he would hire to work for his company, he would take potential employees out to dinner.

One night, two promising candidates, were out dining with Mr. Ford. None of the conversation that was had, surrounded around engineering, car manufacturing, or job benefits. But at the end of the meal, Mr. Ford decided to hire one of the candidates to work for him.

The candidate that wasn't hired, was perplexed by this and decided to ask Mr. Ford why he wasn't hired.

Mr. Ford explained:

"When your meal was served, the first thing you did was put salt on your steak. I believe you should try something first, before changing it. Additionally, when the waiter and servers came to our table, you didn't give them much attention or courtesy, instead you ignored them. I don't believe in social pecking orders, I believe in investing in people."

The question is: Do you believe in investing in people, or are you only entering relationships to promote yourself.