God's Outlaw

God's Outlaw

In 1519 the Roman Catholic Church burned 7 believers for teaching their children the Lord's prayer & the 10 Commandments in English.

The Catholic Church ruled wickedly and had laws in effect that if you translated the Bible into English, you would be condemned as a heretic and would receive the death penalty!

So, God raised up a man named William Tyndale. He became known as God's outlaw for translating the Bible into English!

Tyndale feared God and not the Pope. Tyndale believed the scriptures were the authority, not the Catholic Church. So, in 1535 the Catholic Church began their hunt for Tyndale.

And on October 6, 1536, they finally dragged him out into the cobblestoned streets of Belgium and strangled him to death in front of a public crowd and burned him at the stake. He was 42 years old!

His last words were: "Oh, Lord, open the King of England's eyes!"

Three years later, his prayer was answered when King Henry VIII allowed the Bible in every church in England.

Many men and women died as martyrs to be able to read the truth of God's word in English.

Sadly, most American Christians today, have no respect or reverence for the word of God. Most Christian families hardly read the Bible because they are too busy watching YouTube videos.

The television has become the centerpiece of the American family living room, instead of the Bible.

Our churches are full of ministers who sit on bar stools and tell jokes and stories, instead of preaching the BIBLE!

The prayer for the day is: "Oh, Lord, open the American people's eyes!"