Get Fast-Charged

Get Fast-Charged

One of the benefits of a cell phone is that we can carry it with us everywhere we go.

The cell phone has become a necessity of life.

If we leave the house without it, we'll likely turn back to go get it. This "need" to turn back and get it, is justified by the thought of: "if for some reason there's an emergency, we'll need our cell phone!"

I mean, if little Jonny cuts himself, there may not be an app to stop the bleeding, but at least we can call 9-1-1! Then we can take a selfie of little Jonny's injury and post in on social media. This will prove to all the other parents that we handled the emergency responsibly because we had our cell phone with us!

The cell phone has become a lifeline to almost all Americans. Hours are spent using it each and every day to check emails and text messages.

I'm wondering what would happen if we treated our Bible's like we treat our cell phone.

Do you have your Bible with you everywhere you go? Or at the very least, do you have a pocket full of gospel tracts?

Would you turn back and go home if you forgot your Bible?

In an emergency, do you grab your Bible and start to read it and pray?

Is the Bible your lifeline?
Do you spend hours in it each and every day, checking verses and cross-references?

If you're thinking: "Well, I've got a Bible app on my phone!"

Then my question is: how many hours do you spend in your Bible app compared to the hours spent in other research and scrolling?

The reason why the average American Christian has no time for church attendance, prayer meetings, fellowship with the saints, and evangelism is because their cell phone has them too distracted with other things!

One more thing...

If the battery runs low on a cell phone, people will rush around frantically looking for the closest fast charger.

May I suggest that if your appetite for spiritual things has run low, it's time to rush around frantically looking for your Bible!

Get plugged into the book, and get FAST-charged today!