Dress and Keep the Garden

Dress and Keep the Garden

Adam didn't need mommy to survive in the garden. As the first man, he had no earthly parents.

As a result of this, Adam was able to dress and keep the garden without any parental security blanket.

Adam did his job effectively, and he did it alone. He also did it before Eve came along.

If the boys of today want to be a man, they must develop the mental toughness and independence to be able to survive alone, without mommy and daddy coddling them.

If summer break is full of weeks of immature, silly VBS games, hours upon hours of video gaming, and long, lazy days at the pool or lake, it's no wonder we live in a world of mushy, marshmallow wanna-a-be men.

The average 20-year-old in America doesn't know how to fight, split wood, fell a tree, haul hay, or survive in the woods for 2 days. We have a nation of boys who don't know how to start a fire, cook a meal, push a broom, paint a fence, or use a shovel to dig a ditch.

The culture has trained boys to be mental marshmallows who can't handle stress, confrontation, callouses on their pretty-little hands or being in groups of people.

Our boys don't need safe spaces and coloring books, they need to learn to have some coping skills and survival skills.

Might be time to teach your kids how to dress and keep the garden!