Do you skip church on Sunday?

Do you skip church on Sunday?

In the false religion of Roman Catholicism, church members are taught that if they miss Mass on Sunday, they would have committed a mortal sin and would be separated from God in hell-fire if they were to die with this particular sin on their soul.

This is a blasphemous fear-driven doctrine. However, it does accomplish its goal of filling up Catholic Church pews all across America.

A good Catholic wouldn't dare miss Sunday Mass. A good Catholic would never replace Sunday Mass with sports, sleeping in, or going fishing, for fear they would be committing a mortal sin.

Bible Believing Christians, on the other hand, aren't driven by fear. They are driven by grace because they are saved by God's grace. They understand that their obedience to laws and commandments can never save them or keep them.

But with that said, a good percentage of Christians will still miss church on Sunday. Every one of them will have a good excuse as to WHY their family "just can't make it on Sunday." Of course, they never use these excuses to miss other events.

You would think that since a Christian understood they were saved by grace, that Sunday morning worship service would be at the top of their priority list. But for a lot of Christians it's not.

Gathering with the saints on Sunday really isn't that important to them. They would rather gather with their fishing or hunting buddies.

If you're saved, no one will force you to go to the church-house on Sunday. No one will use fear of hell-fire as a way to force perfect church attendance. This is because true Christianity isn't a religion of fear, it's a relationship with a gracious God.

And I would hope that the reason you've prioritized Sunday morning worship service, is NOT because of fear or guilt. But because God has been so good, gracious, merciful and forgiving toward you.