Do people care anymore?

Do people care anymore?

When I traded in my Chevrolet truck, no one from the General Motors company called me. They didn't call me, because no one at the company even noticed I traded it in. They didn't notice, because they didn't care.

When I decided to purchase a Nissan truck, I never got a call from that company either. The only thing they noticed was that another one of their trucks sold. This triggered a pre-written letter to be sent to me. It included information on when I should have my truck serviced, based on miles. I'm important to them as a customer, but not as a person.

Most big businesses and multi-million dollar companies have decided to sell based on features, benefits, status and price. Hardly, no one is selling based on caring for customers anymore.

Sadly, this mentality has moved into Christianity.

Most people are choosing to attend a local church based on convenience. They ask themselves questions like: how far is it? How many programs can the church offer me? How long will the sermons be?

As a result, many Christians have stopped caring about their pastor, and their fellow church members. Few will invest in a real community of care for each other.

Many pastors are just as guilty. Some preach AT people, rather than TO people. Some pastors look at it as a job, where they receive a paycheck, based on how many people attend and give.

What happened to caring for people and caring for souls?

Where did Christian care go?

Do people even think about caring anymore?

Remember: A local church can grow in numbers, and end up with a building full of people who don't care.

Or, a local church can grow in grace and in charity, and have a building full of people who DO care.

Both are possible, but I want to invest in CARING!