Convenience isn't worth it.

Convenience isn't worth it.

Good, Bible-beleiving churches are hard to find these days.

When, or IF, you do find one, the location becomes an issue. Rarely is the location right off a major interstate. More often than not, you'll have to drive past a lot of other "churches", to get to a good one.

This turns Sunday morning into a less-than-convenient drive. But, going off the beaten path, and venturing out of your comfort zone may be worth considering.

Here's why...

You're important to the folks that are there!

There are many pastors of very small churches that are laboring in the Word all week to preach a message to less than 50 people that will show up on Sunday. They do this because people matter to them.

There are other Christians who are praying and getting the church-house ready for the worship services on Sunday. These are the serious Christians, who try hard to make Sunday a memorable one for you.

A good local church has people who care. They care enough to listen; and they care enough to do the work of the ministry. They care because people matter to them, and that should matter to you.

If you want ordinary, convenient or cheap you can easily find that in any town.

However, if you're looking for a church service that is rich in spirit and in truth, consider being inconvenienced and showing up for those people. They are the ones who care enough and work hard to bring you something Biblically based.

Sunday may be an inconvenient drive, that costs you more money in gas, that is out of your way.

However, you'll end up getting the opportunity to worship and serve with Christians who want to help you grow in the Lord.