Comfortable Pews vs Comfortable People

Comfortable Pews vs Comfortable People

It's great to have comfortable pews in a church house.

But, are they comfortable because of the high quality foam and upholstery? Or, are they comfortable because people have gotten used to sitting in them?

There is no doubt, that a comfortable pew is easy to get used to. After all, it doesn't expect anything from you. It doesn't ask you, tell you or compel you to do ANYTHING. It can easily become a person's spiritual comfort zone.

This is why God gave His church "pastors and teachers". They are to stand boldly facing those sitting comfortably in pews and confront their comfort. A good bible-believing preacher will convict and compel people to get off their comfortable pew and do something MORE than just come to church and sit.

The problem with American Christianity isn't the comfortable PEWS in the church house, it's the comfortable PEOPLE that sit in the pews in the church house.

Consider the following questions.
(Note: they are designed to push the boundaries of your personal comfort).

Are your knees worn out from praying?
Are your feet worn out from witnessing?
Is your body worn out from jail ministry, nursing home ministry, etc...?
Are your knuckles worn out from door-knocking?
Is your mind worn out from counseling and fellowshipping?
If your voice worn out from open-air preaching?
Are your emotions worn out from being patient with people? it just your butt that's worn-out from SITTING?

When people leave their local-church on Sunday morning healthy enough to go to work on Monday, mow the grass on Tuesday, go grocery shopping on Wednesday, go to the gym on Thursday, finish farming on Friday, and do yard work all day Saturday, the problem isn't their ability to deal with uncomfortable things.

Work, shopping, going to the gym, farming, doing yard work can all be uncomfortable and stressful at times. However, these tasks get done because they are important to people.

The problem isn't people's ability to step out of their comfort zone and deal with stress. The problem is people's unwillingness to prioritize stepping out of their comfort zone to serve Christ and His body.

The thing is, once a pew gets worn out, you can replace the upholstery. Once a person gets worn out, he'll eventually die. So, what's the example you are leaving behind to those watching you?

The fact is: you ARE training your replacement!

The question is: are you training them to be comfortable people, who sit in comfortable pews?

IF the answer is YES, remember...
"Only one life, ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last."

Get out of your spiritual comfort zone and DO SOMETHING for Christ!