Church growth isn't bad

Church growth isn't bad

The carnal, Laodicean, mega-church of today has turned church growth into a business marketing scheme.

They start with the question: What do people want?

Then, marketing programs are designed, 3-point sermons are preached, music productions are organized, and children's ministries are promoted, all around the worldly desires of people.

But just because the carnal church has gotten it wrong, that doesn't mean that church growth, in and of itself, is a bad thing.

Church growth isn't bad if we start with the right question: What does God want?

The focus on what God WANTS, leads a church to zero-in on what people NEED!

Asking the right question: What does God want?, will automatically place a church in the center of God's will, rather than in the center of man's will.

Below are 9 reasons on WHY we need Christ-centered church growth:

  1. Lost people, those without Christ, are blind, and only the light of the gospel can give them sight. 2 Corinthians 4:3-4
  2. God wants his house full. Luke 14:23
  3. God told us the great need is for labourers. Matthew 9:37
  4. God has commanded all of his children to be active in giving out the gospel. Mark 16:15
  5. God desires His children to fellowship around the gospel. Ephesians 3:6
  6. God has given us the ministry of reconciliation, and we are to work for Him as ambassadors. 2 Corinthians 5:18-21
  7. God wants us ready to defend the gospel. Philippians 1:7
  8. God told us to not be move away from the hope of the gospel. Colossians 1:23
  9. Focusing on carnal growth for big numbers, reveals people are ashamed of the gospel, and trust in their own power, rather than in the power of the gospel. Romans 1:16


If so, you're on the right path with a Biblically-based, church growth model.