Christian's can Learn some Things from Sports Fans

Christian's can Learn some Things from Sports Fans

Sports fans are faithful attenders and faithful supporters of their team.

Sports fans are happy to sit and watch their favorite sports for hours.

Consider the following statistics. On average, it takes about...

...2 hours and 13 minutes to watch a basketball game.

...2 hours and 38 minutes to watch a baseball game.

...3 hours to watch a football game.

Sports fans will faithfully show up on game day.

They know all the players by name.

They are not upset that the players have no idea what their name is.

If the game goes into overtime, they are thrilled to stay longer.

They are content to give a good percentage of their hard-earned money, into funding their sports hero's million dollar salaries. They are thrilled when their favorite player is the one who has the top earning salary.

If their favorite player makes a mistake, they will defend and forgive them. Some will argue for hours with an opposing team fan, in an effort to defend their player.

Now contrast this with the average, American Christian.

Church service is every Sunday morning.

The average church service lasts 60–75 minutes.

The average churchgoer doesn't know all the names of the members who attend their local church, but would be upset if the preacher forgot their name.

The average churchgoer would be upset if the sermon goes into overtime, lasting longer than expected.

The average churchgoer gives a very small percentage of their income to their local church. Some give nothing. Many are fine with their preacher living on a below poverty level income. Some would be upset if the preacher got a raise.

If the preacher makes a mistake, they jump all over him. If he is preaching on something they disagree with, they check out emotionally and are ready to leave.

If you say you're a sports fan, but are not dedicated to the team, none of the other fans would take you serious. Likewise, if you say you're a Christian, but are not dedicated to your local church, you're just giving God and others lip service. No one is going to take you serious.

I'm so glad to be part of a local church, where average isn't the goal.

I'm so blessed to be part of a small group of believers who are striving every day to be better fans for Christ!

America shouldn't be full of sports fans who are more dedicated to their sports gods, than Christians who are dedicated to the only one, truly, and living GOD!