Cheap means more customers

Cheap means more customers

If most people buy on price only, you've got to be the cheapest game in town, to win.

This is how Walmart and Frontier Airlines stay in business, and how and why they've been so successful at acquiring clients.

If you wanted to compete for their customers, you would need to offer the same product or service at a cheaper price.

The other way you could compete with them, is to NOT compete with them!

Instead of focusing on winning by being cheap, find and focus on the people who aren't looking for cheap.

Look for the people who want better than cheap, safer than cheap, and customer service that is more friendly than cheap.

There are people who are happy to pay more for the best, rather than the cheapest.

The same goes with church.

The mega-church has figured out how to acquire more "members" than the conservative, bible-teaching church.

If you wanted to compete for their members, you would need to offer the same cheap Christianity by bringing in Contemporary Christian rock music, new bible versions, no mention ever about what modest dress actually means, and short 20-minute pep talks instead of Bible preaching.

All of this cheapens Christianity and appeals to the carnal nature of man.

If you decided to compete with the mega-church, and you win; you've now acquired to yourself a building full of carnal Christians who will ONLY stay if you continue to feed their flesh with cheap Christianity.

Or, you could decide to NOT compete with them. And instead, focus on the people who are genuinely looking for Bible TRUTH, instead of the cheap rip-off.

These are the broken people who need proper soul care, not quick-fix, carnal care.

These are the imperfect people who need to know they are welcome to come as they are, with the understanding that it is right to expect them to change and grow as the Holy Spirit convicts their heart.

These are the people who are sick and tired of the carnival music and the carnival living, and what something better than cheap.

You may be able to acquire more members with cheap Christianity, but I'd recommend looking for those who want REAL Christianity.

There are still people who are looking for a no frill's, bible-believing church, and they don't want cheap. They want the real thing!

Go out and FIND THEM!