Charity never faileth

Charity never faileth

A standardized test can measure if you got the Bible verses right, to understand the right doctrine, to receive a passing test score. Congratulations, you aced it!

A test can also be given to determine if the kids in the Sunday School class memorized the Bible verse correctly. Congratulations, you got a sticker!

A preacher can measure how many minutes his sermon should be, based on how many people fell asleep when he delivered it. Congratulations, everyone stayed awake!

But are standardized tests and skill-based measurements really the way to make a difference?

What if we started measuring honesty?
What if we gave a test on kindness?
What if we standardized charity?

Oh wait, we can't!!

Maybe we spend too much time measuring, standardizing, testing, and structuring.

Maybe we've figured out ways to gain compliance, at the expense of making a real heart-felt difference?

The Bible says: Let all your things be done with charity!

What if you failed the test because you spent that week ministering to someone who was on their deathbed?

What if you didn't get the sticker for your Bible memorization because you spent that week helping your neighbor in his time of need?

What if the sermon was boring to 30 people, but one person had their life changed because of it?

In all 3 of those situations, CHARITY is what made the difference!

The Bible says: charity never faileth!

You may fail a test, you may fail to memorize the verse, you may fail at your sermon delivery. But, charity will never make you a failure.