Being full is overrated

Being full is overrated

If your garage is full of junk from wall to wall, you've lost its functionality.

Overflowing cabinets full of knickknacks, makes it hard to get additional use out of them.

A calendar full of work, appointments and STUFF actually means there is no time for your spouse and kids.

A full stomach, leaves no room for dessert.

If the junk drawer is so stuffed that it gets stuck when you try to open it, that's a problem.

Come to think of it...being FULL is overrated.

Emptiness is actually what makes things useful.

Emptiness makes a garage functional and cabinets useful.

Emptiness is what makes a calendar less stressful, stomachs happy, and a junk drawer easy to open.

If your life is so full of "things," you'll be so busy managing those "things," that it will be hard to have time to serve the Lord. Consider the blessing of emptiness.

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.