Be Perfect vs Get Better

Be Perfect vs Get Better

You'll never be ready to stand up and preach the perfect sermon.

There is no perfect preacher, so there are no perfect sermons.

And once we repent of perfectionism, which is actually pride, we can rejoice and allow God to mold us and make us BETTER!

Perfectionism is just a hindrance. It just allows people to hold onto pride, without having to call it pride!

The Bible says: PREACH THE WORD!

And the Holy Spirit will help you change, edit, remove, re-work, and re-phrase your preaching, AFTER you've preached the word!

Once we understand that we'll never get everything right the first time, we can then be free to thank God for His sanctifying grace.

An athlete doesn't get better without coaching.
A salesperson doesn't get better without training.
A pianist doesn't get better without an instructor.

And a preacher doesn't get better, without studying and relying on the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Go ahead and get it wrong the first time. Then allow God to help you get better.