Be a One of Another Member

Be a One of Another Member

Romans 12:5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

The church is NOT a social or political organization. It's not a gym membership, or a sports team. It's not a gun club or a golf club.

The church is one body IN Christ, and one OF another.

The church, therefore, is a spiritual organism, who members really do care about each other. And if you're truly a member, your very life IS Christ.

Since a believer's very life IS Christ, it would make sense that priorities would revolve around church-life, and being with other members of your local church.

Unless someone is required to work, has a medical emergency, or has encountered a sheep in a pit situation (see Matthew 12:11), one should make it a priority to be at their local church at every service.

And yes, I'm referring to more than just the Sunday morning service. I mean the Lords' Supper, the Prayer Meeting, the Mid-Week, the Sunday afternoon or evening service, the outreaches, the fellowship meals.

The bottom line is, when someone never misses other gatherings that have multiply meeting times throughout the week, like the following activities:

  • sports practice and games
  • scheduled workouts at the gym
  • the gun club every time its door are open
  • their favorite political rally, TV show or radio broadcast
  • business/work or the opportunity to grab overtime
  • Never-ending farm and gardening chores

All this does is testify to 1 of 2 facts:

  1. You're a highly disciplined and committed person that COULD make it to the church-house every time the doors are open if you wanted to.
  2. You're a hypocritical Christian, who really doesn't care that much about the "ONE OF ANOTHER" part of being a member of the Body of Christ.

If one or both is true of you, simply repent! Give up the idols of your other gatherings and activities. And yes, they are idols IF they keep you from assembling with the Body faithfully, and consistently.

It is realistic to live like a "ONE OF ANOTHER" member of the Body of Christ.  

But sometimes...(actually most times)...somebody MUST point this out.

It might as well be ME - the preacher of harsh reality!