An interesting way to handle unthankfulness

An interesting way to handle unthankfulness

A Christian boss of a rather large company bought lunch for all of his employees to enjoy in his executive style conference room.

However, he was deeply saddened that none of his employees gave thanks to God before eating the generous lunch provided to them.

The owner of the company had an idea. He decided he would order another big lunch for all the staff to enjoy for the next day.

He also knew that none of them would remember to ask God's blessing and give thanks for their food, so he secretly invited a homeless beggar from off the street to lunch that day.

Just as they all started to eat lunch, in walks the poor, stinky beggar. This homeless man grabbed the best seat at the head of the table and began to eat and drink undisturbed, and to his heart’s content. He filled his belly with seconds as everyone watched surprised and amazed at this behavior.

However, the boss remained silent the whole time.

Then, without a word of thanks, the homeless beggar got up and left the conference room.

After he left the room, one of the bosses employees responded with: "What a despicable act?"

Another said: "What an unthankful, and ungrateful beggar that was?"

Finally, another cried out: "What a rude man to barge in here like that and leaving without saying thanks!"

Calmly, the Christian boss spoke up and with much earnestness said:

"Gentleman, ungrateful, rude and more despicable than this beggar have YOU all been. Every day you sit down at this conference table with a spread of food for you to feast upon that is supplied by your creator God, yet...YOU don't thank Him. You do not ask HIS blessing over the meal. And when you're done eating, you leave the table without expressing to God your thankfulness. So, yes...each of you all should be ashamed of your conduct, which is far worse than the poor, homeless beggars".