Absolute vs Obsolete

Absolute vs Obsolete

When new technology replaces old technology, it does so by making changes offering new benefits. The old technology then quickly becomes obsolete.

The reason no one uses a telephone connected to a wall anymore is because consumers have agreed that the benefits of a mobile phone are better.

Likewise, the publishers of modern bible translations are working overtime to convince God's people that the changes made to the old King James Bible offer new benefits. They say things like: "it's easier to read" or "it offers updated language'.

However, the Bible is not anything like modern technology. The Bible is a spiritual book, not authored or created by man. When man declares, there is an error that need to be corrected, or a mistranslation that needs to be fixed, he is ultimately saying that the Bible is obsolete, and needs an update.

This dangerous type of spiritual pride, where man gives himself the authority to change God's word, rather than submitting to God's words, is at the heart of the new Bible versions.

The Bible is NOT man's technological invention. For this reason, the Bible is either absolute or obsolete.

If someone believes the Bible is absolute, there is no reason to change it. Instead, we should allow the absolute truth of God's word to change us.

We're better off placing our faith in the fact that God used sinful men to compile His Word in English, at a time in history when He saw fit.