A very special event

A very special event

There's a very important event taking place soon that all Christians should be excitedly talking about. It's called Sunday church services.

There's a group of singers that will show up, that you'll definitely want to be around to sing along with. They are your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and they can't wait to open a hymnal and make a joyful noise unto the Lord with you.

I also heard, there may even be a special guest arriving at the church house. It's a first time visitor that the Lord may be sending. They'll need your kindness and hospitality, and they may even need someone to talk to about the Lord. I hope you're super-excited to meet them?

Everyone will be cheering and shouting because they know they are "On the Winning Side!"

They will be so overjoyed with the blessedness of being saved that they will take out their wallets and give money to the efforts of their local church. These dedicated, fanatics are considered wasteful spenders by the world, because they give so much of their time and money to their local church.

Once everyone arrives at the church house, there won't be multi-million dollar advertisements shown. Instead, priceless announcements will be made. These announcements are so valuable because they'll include information about the weekly prayer meeting, the new missionary family, the evangelistic opportunities, and the special meetings planned for the month.

Finally, a man will step out in front of everyone, with a very special object in his hand.

Actually, let me back up, because it's not fair to call it an object, we'll reserve that wording for something like a measly, little football.

Instead, this man will be holding in his hand a powerful, supernatural, God-breathed book. This book will NOT be thrown around by weak, worthless men to catch and run around a field with. No, no, no...my friend! This book will be opened and preached from. God's people would never want to miss this, because God's people can't get enough of the preaching of the Word!

Some will travel long distances just to get to this special event. Some will camp out all day at the church-house, just so they don't miss out on anything.

Praise God!
I'm so glad I won't be missing Sunday church-services for a silly football game!