5 Halloween Sermons Every Christian Should Listen To

5 Halloween Sermons Every Christian Should Listen To

Warning and Disclaimer:
I understand, that we live in a day when many s0-called Christians will find the following 5 messages offensive. By listening, they will be triggered to label Bible-Believing preachers as mean and hateful. These messages are not for you!

I also understand, that God always has a remnant: people who are searching for truth, people who can listen to preaching that would stir their heart for change, people who can honestly "endure" someone bold in the Lord, who would step on their toes and preach against their firmly held traditions and beliefs.

If that's you, then these 5 messages are for you: the REMNANT!

Halloween Sermon #1: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween Sermon #2: 4 Different Views on Halloween

Halloween Sermon #3: Halloween celebrates death, Christians should celebrate life!

Halloween Sermon #4: What Mask are You Wearing?

Halloween Sermon #5: The 8 Fire Festivals of the Pagans