5 Apples in a Basket

5 Apples in a Basket

Warning: Don't look at the answer right away!
(the answer is at the bottom of this post).

Instead, see how fast you can answer the following question.

You have 5 apples in a basket, and 5 people to distribute the apples to.

How can you give 1 apple to each individual, yet still keep 1 apple in the basket.

The answer is simple, if you think for a minute and use some common sense.

The lesson is:
Sometimes Christian's spend too much time overthinking & overanalyzing things. Sometimes we try to make things more theological than they actually are.

This common sense question was used as an illustration in the following sermon:

...and below you'll find the answer if you haven't figured it out already...

You hand the 5th person the basket with the apple in it!

Ask 5 people this question today and see how many get it!