21 Powerful Messages About THE CHURCH

21 Powerful Messages About THE CHURCH

Sermon #1
Helpful Straight Talk! How to cultivate the qualities of a healthy church life.

Sermon #2
Alter the Altar Call! A biblical look at WHY motives matter.

Sermon #3
8 Baptist Distinctives including the Bible as our Final Authority!

Sermon #4
10 Bible Principles that Make Church Great Again!

Sermon #5
An Old Testament Biblical Warning of What a Pastor Should NOT Be!

Sermon #6
Is Pastor an Office or Gift from God?

Sermon #7
Jesus Wants People to Have a Shepherd NOT a Celebrity Pastor!

Sermon #8
What are Bishops and Deacons according to the Bible?

Sermon #9
Church Leadership: the reason why some IFB churches are dying!

Sermon #10
You're NOT an Apostle! New Apostolic Reformation & 7 Mountain Mandate EXPOSED

Sermon #11
YES...there are New Testament Prophets! Learn from Bible what they do TODAY!

Sermon #12
What is the work of an Evangelist in the Bible?

Sermon #13
What are you committed to? Pilgrim Baptist Church 4-year anniversary sermon

Sermon #14
What it Takes to be a Disciple?

Sermon #15
10 Biblical Principles on Proper Church Etiquette that have been neglected!

Sermon #16
Church Membership: The Lord ADDS the members, NOT Roberts Rule of Order

Sermon #17
Sadly, the average church member is more excited about voting, than giving?

Sermon #18
Unlock 8 Essential Ministry Lessons from Jeremiah the weeping Prophet!

Sermon #19
Does the Bible command the Church to run as a democracy with voting?

Sermon #20
Church Unity: Gathering Together around 1 Name - the Lord Jesus Christ!

Sermon #21
Taking a Stand: Combating Apathy in the Church

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